This week let’s move to Canada, and particularly to its capital city Ottawa. We had the chance to interview Chris, big and tall male model, to talk about what’s up about plus size men in his country currently.


Our readers already know you, from your appearances on some of the posts from our blog and Instagram account. So, we wanted to learn what’s behind the fashion man that you’re  … who are u Chris ?

I’m a marketing manager in Canada, I spend most of my days going around town meeting clients and doing PR. I have a very creative mind and spend most nights coming up with cool ways to advertise on social media. What can I say about myself personally, I’m a pretty chill guy. I enjoy music movies, arts, culture and travel. And I have my own very successful business with a dozen employees. But I don’t take myself to seriously and always try to make light of every situation.

You are currently Marketing Manager and sometimes Big and Tall male model. Tell us about your background. What decided you to be a model ? Did u come into this industry by chance or was it a real wish for you ?

By chance really, I’ve always liked to dress well and be fashionable. A few years ago I read an article about the first Montreal Plus size fashion week and noticed the comments people were arguing on the page. It was horrible, people were saying some very nasty things about plus size women and men and I got really frustrated and decided to post a well conceived argument.

I guess someone in Montreal read my post and decided to troll my Facebook and contacted me. They needed plus size male models and really enjoyed my look so I accepted to be part of it. I figured that the best way to start was to open an Instagram account and try to get noticed. I wasn’t sure it would work but it actually did. It’s where I realized that there isn’t a real trend in plus size male models like there is in women fashion.

I was pretty much alone to make until modelling agencies started contacting me. Unfortunately every agency that tried to sign me didn’t have much luck in finding me work. It’s not a high demand market.

What qualities or skills did the modeling permit to develop in you?

I think self esteem mostly. I didn’t know I was good looking really. You get so much attention and try to manage it the best you can. In a world where they promote 6 packs it’s fun to see that some men and women prefer the chubby guys and that all bodies are sexy. It really gave my a feel and courage to be body positive, to look in the mirror and notice the person in front of you is beautiful. That people can look pass the weight.

Your American neighbors have the highest overweight rate in the world. What is the situation in Canada and how is it treated by the media ? Are Plus size men particularly visible in the media ?

No there aren’t it’s very hard to be noticed in a good light. The media treatment is the same in Canada. I understand the need to have a healthy lifestyle and promoting obesity is never a good thing. So I do get why the media treats it that way. I think it’s no surprise to state that all obese people want to be healthy but not all need to be skinny. Yes I think I need to loose weight like most of us. I just wish the media would be nicer in promoting men that aren’t body builders.

I think slowly the Dad Bod is getting attention and women seem to react to it nicer then 10 years ago. That is when I noticed the gay community and there love of bears, they accepted the large man and enjoy how cozy, confortable and warm big guys are. I hope one day the mainstream media will see it the same.

Fashion diktats still die hard, and especially in France. What about Canada ? Can we easily find clothes that fit us even when wearing 3XL?

Yes we can, there are many boutique that offer plus size in Canada and the US. I know it’s impossible to find in France, I’ve been there. I think clothing is not hard to find, I think good fashion for a big and tall man is always hard to find.

The lack of good cuts and trendy wear is always hard. When i shopped at most boutiques I realized it wasn’t designed by a Plus size designer because the fabric, pattern and the cut really suck.

To contine, let’s go for a Ping/Pong interview (short questions, short answer)



  • The must-have of any good Plus-Size Men dressing-room ? A nice cute suit vest is always the best. you can always soften it up with a pair a jeans. Also I always wear an undershirt behind, as you know, we tend to sweat more.
  • Your timeless fashion piece? I think a I nice knit sweater is always timeless, of course I’m in Canada so it snows here 8 months a year.
  • Your essential accessory? Ouff I’ll have to say a Baume et Mercier watch, I nice watch will always class you up.
  • The worst Fashion faux-pas for u? Omg Horizontal stripes shirts, I usually stay away from white shirts.
  • Your favorite brand of clothing? I have a few. I like Large Lad Clothing lately. And a brand called Maximus Trax they also offer a trunk service. In the larger brands I would say Ralph Lauren is my favorite.
  • A Fashion tips in Plus-Size Men ? Always layer it up! You can always wear jeans if you choose the right blazer. Never underestimate what a funky pair of socks can do to your outfit. Always dress to impress.


  • Your daily beauty ritual? I don’t really have one, except the whole beard brush and oil.
  • A tip to properly maintain his beard? A straight razor for a detail trim. Always wash and oil your beard. it’s makes it shinny and straight.


  • Your little weakness in term of food ? Popcorn
  • A good address in town to recommend? For food? If your in Ottawa you always have to eat at the Bacara it’s a amazing french cuisine 5 star place.


  • A trip, an unforgettable place? Las Vegas all the way.
  • Your motto? A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, it’s what my tattoo on my arm is about.
  • One song title of your playlist currently? Kiiara – Gold


  • What can we wish u for the next couple of months? I’m actually nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the year at the chamber of commerce so I hope i win.

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To help you to identify, Chris is 6’4″ tall and wears 3xl.

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Big thanks to Chris for this exclusive interview ! Want to learn more about him ? Follow him on his official Instagram account.