Today we have the pleasure to interview one of the most fashionable European Big and Tall model : AJ. Buitendjik !!

AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall model

Chubster x News

  • Our readers already know you, from your appearances on some of the posts from our blog and Instagram account. So, we wanted to learn what’s behind the fashion man that you’re  … who are u AJ ?

I’m AJ Buitendijk from the Netherlands, 32 years old, plus size model, DJ and boxer !

  • You are currently Model working for ASOS and BAD RHINO. Tell us about your background. What decided you to be a model ? Did u come into this industry by chance or was it a real wish for you ?

Actually, before all this I lost 50 kg and wasn’t thinking about modeling. But my (at that time new) girlfriend works as a plus size model and I picked her up from her work one day. At the shoot was another plus size model who didn’t fit the pants they gave him and the art director saw me and asked if I could fit it. The day after they wanted me to do a test shoot and a week later I signed my first modeling contract at Euromodel. This was all a big surprise and caught me completely off guard. 

AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall model

  • What qualities or skills did the modeling permit you to develop in you ?

The thing that that stands out is the fact that people who wear larger size shouldn’t be ashamed. I makes me feel much more comfortable in my own skin and that is a quality I never want to lose.

  • What is the situation in Netherlands regarding the overweight rate and how is it treated by the media ? Are Plus size men particularly visible in the media ?

I think Dutch people are large people. I believe the average Dutch man is now 183cm/6ft tall. But in the media aren’t a lot of plus sized men on TV. But to be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV, so maybe I’m wrong. But just like in the rest of the world overweight is a problem, luckily in my surroundings everyone’s trying to be healthy, even if they’re bigger than others.

AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall model

  • Fashion diktats still die hard, and especially in France. What about Netherlands ? Can we easily find clothes that fit us even when wearing 2XL or more ?

Not really. Big sized clothing is often really boring in my opinion. And the big sizes in “normal” clothing lines are often to small. So I get a lot of clothes at ASOS or Badrhino and I have some befriended shop owners who know my style and when they have the chance they order bigger sizes for me.

AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall modelTo continue, let’s go for a Ping/Pong interview (short questions, short answers)

Chubster x Fashion

  • The must-have of any good Plus-Size Men dressing-room ? A good fitting white T-Shirt.
  • Your timeless fashion piece ? Again a good fitting white T-Shirt.
  • Your essential accessory ? My watch.
  • The worst Fashion faux-pas for u ? Too small clothing.
  • Your favorite brand of clothing ? I like the ASOS plus size clothing line.
  • A Fashion tips in Plus-Size Men ? Wear what suits you; if you like it, wear it !

Chubster x Beauty

  • Your daily beauty ritual ? Always take care of my beard in the morning.
  • A tip to properly maintain his beard ? Go to a barber twice a month and buy a brush for your beard.

AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall model

Chubster x Food

  • Your little weakness in term of food ? Hamburgers, pasta and cheese. (I feel so dutch right now)
  • A good address in town to recommend ? Bar35 in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Best burgers in town !

Chubster x Lifestyle

  • A trip, an unforgettable place ? I’ve been to China to work for 4 times now and I’ll never forget that. Also I’ll be going to Australia with my girlfriend to DJ this January and I think I’ll never forget that to.
  • A motto ? Believe in yourself
  • A song title of your playlist currently ? Die Grote – On A Roll (This is one of my own tracks, haha)
  • What can we wish u for the next couple of months ? I don’t know what’s coming for me. This roller coaster was insane the last months, so I hope it keeps on going like this.
AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall model

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We warmly thank AJ. for the time he took for the interview and wish you the best for your career. If you want to discover AJ. through his Big and Tall model day-to-day life or as a DJ performer follow him via his Instagram account or Facebook account.

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AJ Buitendijk homme plus size mannequin big and tall model