Today, let’s encounter Bruce founder of Chubstr, one of the most famous US blog about Plus Size Men who try day by day to change the mentalities regarding fashion men xxl.

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Hi Bruce ! Our readers don’t know you well, so Bruce who are u ?

I’m the Founder of – a fashion and lifestyle blog for plus size men. I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and now live in Portland, Oregon.

You are the founding creator of the blog Chubstr. Why and when did u decide one fine day to launch it ? How has it evolved since nowadays ? What makes u so popular with ur community ?

I started Chubstr in 2010, out of frustration. None of the stores in my town carried clothing in my size. I would go to the mall to look for something to wear, and I would leave empty handed and angry. After doing this over and over, I decided to share my frustrations online by starting a Tumblr blog.
I complained about brands not carrying clothing in my size, and I shared photos and info on shops that did actually offer resources for bigger men like me. Amazingly, people began to ask questions, share photos and even send in photos of their own looks. I realized that this was something bigger than just a Tumblr blog for complaining about things. came out of that.
People like Chubstr because it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be into high fashion in order to feel like you’re part of the community. That’s what I wanted to create – something that anyone could feel like they were a part of. I feel like we’re succeeding with that.
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What about fashion men xxl in USA ?

According to recent studies, USA is the country where there is the most numbers of overweight people in the world. For all that, would you say that American society stigmatizes Plus size men or does it try to incorporate in itself? Are Plus size men particularly visible in the media for example ?

I think the U.S. is coming around to the idea of plus size people in the mainstream. For years, the only time you saw a fat guy on TV was when he was the funny friend, or the villain, but we’re starting to see this change. In the years since I started Chubstr, I’ve seen big men model, I’ve seen companies start to offer extended sizes, and most importantly, I’ve seen amazing people find confidence by reading the site, finding clothes that fit them, and putting together looks they’re proud of. We’re seeing bigger men take greater roles in film, TV, and media in general, and we’ve seen a reputable modeling agency sign their first plus size male model. These things were unthinkable when I started. We’re headed in the right direction.

Fashion diktats still die hard, and especially in France. What about USA ? Can we easily find Fashionable clothes that fit us even when wearing XXL?

It’s still not easy to find stylish clothing in extended sizes here in the U.S. There are some brands doing larger sizes, and in the next few years, I expect to see quite a few more. Right now, there’s not one specific place I go to shop for everything. In a way, that’s a good thing. It adds variety, and requires that you get out of your comfort zone if you want to put together a great new look.

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Ping Pong Interview

To continue, let’s go for a Ping/Pong interview (short questions, short answers)


  • The must-have of any good Plus-Size Men dressing-room ? Good accessories. A great fitting hat, awesome shoes, a cool watch – accessories can pull together a look!
  • Your timeless fashion piece ? A houndstooth blazer and a waxed jacket. I love vintage looking pieces that I know I’ll own and wear forever.
  • Your essential accessory ? I’ve got to have a good cap. It rains about 9 months out of the year here in Portland, so a good cap keeps your head dry, and saves you from walking into a meeting or going into a restaurant with a wet head. It’s also convenient when you have to run an errand and you don’t want to get all dressed up. 
  • The worst Fashion faux-pas for u ? Big guys wearing super baggy clothing. You don’t need to wear jeggings, but having form-fitting clothing looks better than having them hang off of you. 
  • Your favorite brand of clothing ? I LOVE what the Costello Tagliapietra is doing with JCRT – limited edition, hand crafted plaid shirts. 
  • A Fashion tips in Plus-Size Men ? Don’t be afraid of color and pattern. Many big men stick to black or blue, or shy away from pattern. There are some amazing looks out there that can fit you well that are outside of your comfort zone. Embrace it!

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  • Your daily beauty ritual ? Mud masks! My Wife introduced me to them a few years ago, and I do them once a week. As I’m getting older, my skin gets drier. The mask helps me care for it, and it feels great when it’s done.
  • A tip to properly maintain the beard ? Don’t be afraid to trim it up a bit. When my beard gets too long, it gets out of control. I have to get it trimmed every few weeks as I grow it out so that it looks good as it grows. Don’t just let it go crazy – keep it clean as it grows!


  • Your little weakness in term of food ? Man, I love Indian food! Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite, but I really like it all.
  • A good address in town to recommend ? Portland is all about good food, but one of the places everybody needs to go when they’re in town is Pok Pok. They do creative Thai street food in a really unique way. You’ve got to try their Fish Sauce Wings – so good!


  • A trip, an unforgettable place ? I was on a trip to Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island when I accidentally closed a woman’s hand in the door of a passenger van we were both riding in. Needless to say, she wasn’t very happy after that. 
  • A motto ? The best way to predict the future is to invent it. – Alan Kay
  • Any projects for the future ? We’re working on some big, real world things for next year with Chubstr. Nothing I can share yet, but I’m very excited about where things are headed. 


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Big thanks to Bruce for the time he gave us for this interview. To join his community, please visit and via the different social networks.

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