Today let’s move to Roma in Italy to encounter Riccardo from the blog guyoverboard, to talk about Plus Size Men fashion and how he contributes to change the mentalities in his own country …


Blog x Plus size men fashion

Ciao Riccardo, our readers already know you, from your appearances on some of the posts from our blog and Instagram account. So, we wanted to learn what’s behind the blogger that you’re also …

I’m Riccardo, a 29 boy growing up in front of the sea of Naples. Now I live in Rome. I live for creativity: I’m a very curious person and I always want to know everything about last trends, not only in fashion. And I like to do ! So I give my contribution to whoever offers me an interesting project!

I’m a great fan of music: love not only to listen but also to discuss about it. That’s why I listen different genres (sorry but
not country!): it’s not only a question of taste, but also to understand the work behind the music.

My other great passion is Internet. Like to surfing on web, magazine, Tumblr, interesting accounts on Instagram and chatting with friends ! As many people, I hate the prejudices and above all I don’t like people who mask their way of being. I prefer a bad person that declare it than a bad person pretending to be good!


You are currently Multimedia & Graphic designer in Roma. Tell us about your background and your beginnings in this profession. What decided u to launch your own blog in 2012 ? How has it evolved since nowadays ? What makes u so popular with your community ?

I studied Design, specializing in Graphics, Web and Multimedia Communication. Then I started to work in various advertising agencies; as graphic designer for a small clothing brand and today I work in a digital company.
The blog was created in 2012 as a desire to share my ideas about men clothing, especially urban and streetwear. There were few blogs where I could find this kind of information, so I said « I could talk about it!”. Since then, the blog evolved a lot: the brands begun to contact me asking if I was interested to talking about them. So the collaborations pushed me to go in front of the camera, creating a story of the brand and its products through the images. And also my style grew a lot.

The popularity (in Italy) begin when a famous online magazine make a list of the worst men Italian bloggers. And I was there. Apparently many people did not agree with that article. So many journalists contact me and I ended up on various Italian newspapers. With the growth of the plus-size phenomenon important websites like BuzzFeed have included me in their articles and this has allowed me to be more popular not only in Italy. But what I care is that people understand and can be interested about my posts. So I must say that barnaB’s contributions helped me a lot in this.


According to recent studies, 42% of the population in Italy is overweight. For all that, would you say that Italian society stigmatizes Plus size men or does it try to incorporate in itself ? Are Plus size men particularly visible in the media for example ?

Italian society continues to stigmatize plus-size men. They rarely have space in media. In recent years it has been given more space to curvy women (the most famous beauty contest of Italy, Miss Italia, this year had a section dedicated to curvy women). But plus-size men are still blamed for their weight. There is this strange contradiction that we promote good food but at the same time we invite to not eat it for fear of gaining weight. As if having more pounds is a sin, a sort of defeat to themselves.

Fashion diktats still die hard, and especially in France. What about Italy ? Can we easily find clothes that fit us even when wearing 3XL?

Despite the stigma, Italy has always seen a potential business in the plus-sizes. Italian shops that produce clothing for men (and women) plus-size exist from many years. The problem is that these types of stores were left stranded in their most successful years (70s-80s). There weren’t updated with models, materials or design. It is all too old. So yes, it’s easy to find clothes but you have to rely on those few pieces that fast fashion produces or on e-commerce to be more modern.


Ping Pong interview

To continue Riccardo, let’s go for a Ping/Pong interview (short questions, short answer) :


  • The must-have of any good Plus-Size Men dressing-room ? A black long cardigan. It can be useful for both elegant and casual situation.
  • Your timeless fashion piece ? The denim jacket. It will never die.
  • Your essential accessory ? Rings, preferably big and strangely shaped (I have one of Transformers in bronze!)
  • The worst Fashion faux-pas for u ? Crocs. I will never understand why.
  • Your favorite brand of clothing ? Kenzo
  • A Fashion tips in Plus-Size Men ? Wear the right size. Too tight or too loose will not give justice to your body!


  • Your daily beauty ritual ? A light scrub on the face and combing the beard
  • A tip to properly maintain the beard ? Use an oil that can nourish the beard !



  • Your little weakness in term of food ? Sweets (Make me a cake and I’ll be yours! I like those pretty high, with frosting cream)
  • A good address in town to recommend ? The Bakery House Roma is a really amazing place for pancakes and sweets.


  • A trip, an unforgettable place ? Mykonos. The perfect mix of fun and landscapes
  • A motto ? Know yourself
  • Any projects for the future ? For now I’m trying to improve my way to tell the stories, but I hope to say more about some important collaborations!
  • What can we wish u for the next couple of months ? To be interesting! I really hope to continue to be it! 🙂

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Thanks a lot Riccardo for the time you gave us for this interview 🙂 You can follow Riccardo from his Plus size men fashion blog guyoverboard and in the social networks.